Visitenkarten nach den Eigenschaften Warm oder Kalt


Visitenkarten nach den Eigenschaften Hart oder Weich


Visitenkarten nach den Eigenschaften Leicht oder Schwer

Current information on haptic properties

Cold in terms of haptics

“Cool!” Although the exclamation is now a bit old, it is a common thread that runs through the usage of language. Cool stays cool. But what is behind the word?

Softness in terms of haptics

From cashmere scarves to Egyptian bed linen and alpaca wool – softness has positioned itself as one of the characteristics of luxury items. However, it is not easy to determine why we feel something soft. Two factors probably play a decisive role here. On the one hand, the smoothness of the surface must be taken […]

Warmth in terms of haptics

A hot tea, a cozy electric blanket, a sunny afternoon. People have associated security and security with warmth since time immemorial. The reason for this can have many origins. On the one hand, the body needs less energy in a warmer environment to maintain the average temperature of 36.6 ° C. But social aspects such […]

Weight in terms of haptics

Lending weight to something. As early as the 1980s, companies found the value behind this phrase. Even then, remote controls for high-priced hi-fi systems were deliberately provided with additional lead weights. The customer’s perception was clear: the heavier an object, the more valuable the product was perceived and the more expensive it was rated on […]

Hardness in terms of feel

Stay tough in negotiations, show toughness or just persevere in times when the going gets tough. In the meantime, these masculine attributes are no longer well received in modern communication theory. However, some of these properties are essential for businesses. The robustness of the products and the reliability of the employees can be expressed, for […]