Simply because we love nature and gain strength and motivation from it, we are fully committed to the conservation and protection of our air, water, mountains and landscapes. The choice of the most environmentally friendly method of production is therefore an essential factor. We are constantly working to minimize our impact on the environment and adhere strictly to the legal requirements for air and water protection, the avoidance of odor and noise pollution and the minimization of residues. By optimizing production processes and using the latest technology, we continuously reduce the consumption of raw materials, water and energy to a minimum. Our goal is to achieve the most efficient added value through the sustainable use of all resources.

Our concrete measures to this end are:

• Prefer to process natural materials whenever possible and with constant consideration of origin and sustainability.

• Focus on regional partnerships and material procurement.

• Avoidance of long transport distances.

• Careful handling of materials in order to generate as little waste as possible.