Business cards - feel us

The journey to your perfect business card begins here


In the end, the aim is to create a business card for you that perfectly reflects one thing:

Your individual identity.


Of course, we would be happy to advise you on the selection of materials, design and special requests. To do this, simply Contact record with us.

Choose one of the two options below to start your journey:

Selection according to haptic properties

Here you will find business cards sorted by hardness, temperature,...

Selection by materials

Here you will find business cards sorted by material type such as Organic, Metallic,...

Let yourself be guided by your feelings: when choosing according to haptic properties, you will be brought closer to the sensory impressions conveyed by the materials.

Let your experience guide you: Do you already have an overview? Then a selection of the material can be your next step. Our Sample kit supports you in getting an even better feeling.