We are firmly convinced that all resource-saving measures, the avoidance of energy expenditure, resource consumption and waste pollution must be given priority. We follow the simple principle of considering the disposal of waste long before it is cleaned up. With this strategy of avoiding, reducing and minimizing, we act extremely efficiently – namely even before waste, residues, excessive energy consumption or other waste that is difficult to rectify “in retrospect” occurs.

In very concrete terms this means:

• Order systems made of acrylic residues

• Upcycling, such as converting disused hairdressing hoods into lamps

• Producing business cards from material residues

• Where waste is unavoidable, to recycle it creatively, or if even that is not feasible, to dispose of it professionally

• Energy saving by not using air conditioners, by running our machines only when needed and by switching all our lighting to LED

• Although laser technology is a highly environmentally friendly method of material refinement, as this is achieved solely through the combustion process, it is also a highly environmentally friendly method of material processing. Low CO2 emissions are produced, but we remove them by means of filter systems

• Use of bicycle couriers instead of car/truck logistics services

• Minimal use of packaging material