Hardness in terms of feel

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Stay tough in negotiations, show toughness or just persevere in times when the going gets tough.

In the meantime, these masculine attributes are no longer well received in modern communication theory. However, some of these properties are essential for businesses. The robustness of the products and the reliability of the employees can be expressed, for example, by stable, hard and “inflexible” business cards.

But how does this hardship come about? Much like in a company, collaboration counts. The hardness of an object is largely defined by its density. The closer the individual molecules of a material are together, and the better they are connected, the harder the end result will be.

The cooperation of these molecules thus leads to a system that can hardly be disturbed by external influences and that impresses with toughness and imperturbability. Exactly these properties can then be conveyed to the outside world with a suitable business card. Show that you are solid as a haptic!

There is as much variety in the materials as there is in the forms of these rocks. Hopefully you will find your reliable partner between wood, metal, concrete or Baueternit.