Weight in terms of haptics

Juxtaposes light and heavy materials

Lending weight to something. As early as the 1980s, companies found the value behind this phrase. Even then, remote controls for high-priced hi-fi systems were deliberately provided with additional lead weights. The customer’s perception was clear: the heavier an object, the more valuable the product was perceived and the more expensive it was rated on the market.

This trend continues to be represented in today’s customer perception. Heavy products are automatically assigned attributes such as reliability and stability.

A conscious move away from lightweights is therefore right on the pulse of the times. With materials such as stainless steel, concrete, Eternit or wood, business cards can be made that exactly meet these requirements. Especially if you want to be remembered as a stable and reliable partner.

So if you want to give your business cards a very special Gravitas, the choice of these materials is a serious, but definitely not a difficult decision.