Stone veneer business cards

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The stone veneer business cards are a very special tactile experience, as each of these business cards comes from a block of stone.

The stone we use is a slate rock, whereby the formation of slate is due to a process of millions of years. Heat, water, pressure and movement created the conditions on the seabed that gave rise to shale.

The wafer-thin stone veneer is split from whole stone blocks millimetre by millimetre and processed into veneer. This makes each slate unique, retaining the feel and look of a whole slate.

The stone veneer business cards are approx. 1.5 mm thick. To prevent the stone from breaking, the back is stabilised with polyester resin and fibre fabric (glass fibre or cotton). The business cards are therefore more resistant than the raw stone.

Finishing options:

Laser engraving is a suitable finishing method for the front – due to the special structure. However, the front can also remain unprinted, as the unique stone veneer is an absolute eye-catcher even on its own.

Unfortunately, direct printing on the reverse side is not possible, as sufficient legibility cannot be achieved due to the fibres. If desired, a paper can be laminated on top, which can then be refined by means of 4C printing.

If you would like to apply hot foil stamping to the reverse side, please contact us.

The properties of stone veneer open up completely new application possibilities and allow creative minds to create unprecedented surprise effects.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 8,5 × 5,5 × 0,15 cm
Choose Front Material

Gray Slate, Colored Slate, Mica Slate

Finishing front side

Laser engraving, Print, Without finishing

Finishing back side

Laser engraving, Print, Without finishing