As an Austrian, owner-managed private company with personality and soul, the responsibility towards the environment, the available resources, and above all towards our fellow human beings is immensely important to us. This is especially true for our employees, our customers, and our partner companies. Sustainable action is deeply anchored in our corporate culture. Like our ideas and products, we want to be vulnerable, tangible, individual, genuine, honest and authentic. Especially when it comes to social issues and our environment. For our employees as well as for our customers and partner companies.

We are literally burning for sustainability and always base our attitude, our thinking and acting, and above all our concrete measures on our values.

It is our concern to preserve our environment in all its wonderful facets for future generations. In the best case, cleaner and less polluted than now, but at least in the same condition as we received it.

We want to offer the people with whom we work every day a humane, fair, healthy and long-term safe environment.

This is our credo and we act accordingly every day.

As a “one-stop-shop” company, the entire value chain – from the idea, to design, to production – is in our hands. This enables us to fulfil our corporate and social responsibility towards our fellow human beings and our environment quickly and directly – without consideration of group political restrictions or other interests.