Finishing process – laser

Finishing with laser

Cutting, engraving, lasering, punching, burning, cutting – despite the many names, the possible uses of the laser finishing process are even broader.

For 12 years now, our managing director and creative genius Bernhard Rameder has been dealing with the most varied of ways to burn things with particularly strong light.

The results can not only be seen but also felt. The years have brought with them experience, with which we are now well equipped to bring your exact concerns into the material.

Gradations in the degree of smoke? We know how to avoid soot – but also how to add it.

A deeper or softer engraving? We work closely with you, the material and the idea of the end product until exactly the result you imagine becomes reality.

Exact, mutating and changing cut edges or engraving patterns? We can let the laser wander precisely and apply every subject to the material down to a few tenths of a millimeter.

How exactly does it work?

With CO² lasers (as we use them, among other things), light is bundled in a gas tube (filled with CO², among other things). The beam is focused by means of several mirrors and, similar to a print head, is carried to the material via rails. The bundling of the light rays generates enormous heat, which, depending on the settings, can engrave the material (i.e. remove the surface) or cut through it completely.

Of course, words are only partially able to show how fiery things actually get.

That’s why there is a little video here of the laser engraving of leather.

Wir finden ja: Voll Laser, wie der abgeht!