Moss and hay materials

Business cards made from moss

Get closer to nature

In the meantime, the topic of sustainability has become an integral part of any morally acting company policy. However, the thought that we are working on a planet with limited resources is even older than the rethinking itself.

First from Hans Carl von Carlowitz formulated in writing, the maxim of sustainability was established as early as 1713. Specifically, Carlowitz called for at least as many trees to be replanted as are cleared.

Now, more than 200 years later, we have continued and developed the idea socially. We at woohee always strive to work naturally and environmentally friendly and to avoid unnecessary waste with a little creativity (e.g. with upcycling).

In our constant search for materials and processing methods that reflect exactly that, we came across very special products: pressed grass, hay and moss, gently laminated on flow. Made and grown in Austria.

The regionally sourced raw materials for these veneers are largely created by avoiding monocultures. Here fields are not planted with the same seeds every season to give the earth time to recover. Simple grass, hay or cornflowers are often used as intermediate seeds.

Carefully processed in Austria, the product stands out with its unbelievably natural beauty, particularly authentic feel but also its long-lasting smell. Using various finishing techniques, the moss and hay materials can also be printed or engraved and thus form the most natural option for your perfect, sustainable one Visiting card.

If you have more detailed questions about the individual options, our team at will help you Experts | happy to continue. Due to the wonderful splendor of colors that our earth has given us, we can realize almost any of your ideas!