About the invention of the business card

Once upon a time … the business card. The views at the beginning of the contact cards, which are now part of the standard report, are very different. Some studies assume that the first preliminary stages of this type of text were already to be found in ancient Egypt. At the beginning of the year, people gave each other scarabs, New Year’s bottles and little sayings written on papyrus.

Other speculations suggest that the Romans had similar forms of such cards. However, this cannot be proven, as can the occurrence of such types of text in China in the 15th century. Legend has it that the ancient Asian clay business cards were so large and heavy that a separate lackey had to carry them when visiting.

What is certain, however, is that from the 17th century the business card became a common practice in fine society in France, Austria and England. This was also connected with the emergence of the art of printing, through which a wide variety of formats could now be produced quickly.

Originally, they were not used for advertising but were, as the name suggests, »visiting cards« (“visite” from visitare Latin – to visit). In the higher circles of society the visitor gave the servant a visiting card, which he then brought to the lady of the house or the master of the house, only then was it decided whether one would like to receive the visit at all.

Today, business cards are a matter of course and are part of the basic equipment of companies.

While in this country the “handover” takes place rather informally, this is still very ritually celebrated in Asia. A business card is perceived there as a very personal and honorable item.

But no matter how the individual and culturally influenced handling may be, the small piece of paper can build bridges. We know how important this ability is, so we have only one claim: the perfect one Visiting card to produce for your company.