Wood veneer

The main supplier “Forest” for wood veneer offers us the possibility to create unique and distinctive business cards from the natural material wood.

Wood veneer is created by the so-called measuring or sawing of tree trunks into wafer-thin layers. The production method is chosen according to the area of application of the veneer wood.

These layers are strung together manually, subjected to quality control and then joined together into larger veneer sheets using a joining machine.

Each veneer sheet is thus unique and thus also makes the veneer business card into a unique piece of wood.

Due to our PEFC certification, we can also offer PEFC-certified business cards made of veneer wood on request and work locally with the only remaining producer of fine veneers, the Rohol company in Rosenau am Hengstpass.

Only the most beautiful tree trunks are processed into fine veneers and therefore our business cards are also free of pathological images of the wood. Whereby wood is a living material and knots and holes can be present without us being able to influence this.

Currently, most wood veneers are processed in the furniture industry. These are usually laminated or glued onto cheaper chipboards to give the material a higher value. In contrast to antique furniture, kitchen front panels are usually no longer made of solid wood.

The veneer wood can be excellently cut into shape using laser technology and can also be engraved using a laser. The burning process of wood causes discoloration, which can be good or badly legible, depending on the type of wood.

Engraving wood with the laser can easily be compared with the branding stamp or perhaps better known with the old craft of poker painting. With the laser technology we can burn texts into the wood up to a font size of 4pt.

We are also able to print directly on the veneer wood with our UV printer and can therefore also apply logos and texts in 4C on the veneer wood.