The information that must appear on a business card

Decide which data you want to display. The card must contain the correct and necessary data. Those that your customer or potential customer needs to know.

Do not over- or undercharge.

The basic data required are: the name (of the professional or company), the position or profession (what do you or your company do?) and at least one form of contact (a telephone or e-mail that you can answer immediately).

There are professionals who, in addition to this data, include a variety of social networks (whether or not they update them) or data that is unnecessary or outdated, such as the fax machine or the latitude and longitude coordinates of the company.

Most people will not read carefully all the data on the map, especially if there are too many. So give them the ones you want them to use.

Don’t give them too little!

Don’t just give your name and location and forget to add at least one way to contact you.