Anodised aluminium

The aluminium business card is particularly beautiful, hard-wearing and of high quality. Business cards made of anodised aluminium offer a good contrast that is appealing.

Aluminium is a very noble, resistant material and is long-lasting.

During laser engraving of aluminium, the dye of the anodised layer is decoloured and the underlying light, white colour is released. This produces a high-contrast, detailed, white engraving image. The surface is not damaged and the laser engraving or marking is permanent without neglecting the function of the protective anodised layer.

Aluminium: a real all-rounder
Among the non-ferrous light metals, aluminium is probably the best known. It has a dull, silvery-white appearance and is the third most common element in the earth’s crust after oxygen and silicon. It is called a soft metal because it can be rolled out to form very thin foils.

Aluminium foil in the kitchen or as a protective foil for yoghurt cups or tablets, as well as in the form of beverage cans, are probably the best-known aluminium products that are very close to us. The recycling of aluminium achieves excellent rates of approx. 40% worldwide. On the other hand, electrolysis requires a lot of electrical energy.

It was only in the early 19th century that aluminium was discovered, which occurs almost exclusively in the form of chemical compounds. A century later, industrial mass production began. Starting from the mineral bauxite, aluminium oxide is extracted in aluminium smelters. Aluminium is then extracted in an electrolysis process. The melting temperature is 660 °C, considerably lower than that of copper (1084 °C), cast iron (1147 °C) or iron (1538 °C). The thermal conductivity is relatively high, which is why aluminium is used for heat exchangers in vehicles.

Anodising, an electrochemical process, protects aluminium from scratches and corrosion. A protective layer is created by electrolytic oxidation. Aluminium is then more resistant to wear. This protective layer is basically white, but can be dyed in many different colours.

We can also provide you with special colours of aluminium business cards on request, as we cooperate with a local partner and therefore any colour can be produced. This is economically reasonable from a quantity of 500 pcs. and up, but can of course also be done for smaller quantities.