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Finishing processes – Laser

Cutting, engraving, laser cutting, punching, burning, cutting - despite the many names, the application possibilities of the finishing process with lasers are even broader. For 12 years now, our managing director and creative genius Bernhard Rameder has been dealing with the most diverse ways of burning things with particularly strong light. The results can not [...]

Wood veneer

The main supplier “Forest” for wood veneer offers us the possibility to create unique and distinctive business cards from the natural material wood. Wood veneer is created by the so-called measuring or sawing of tree trunks into wafer-thin layers. The production method is chosen according to the area of application of the veneer wood. These […]

Anodised aluminium

The aluminium business card is particularly beautiful, hard-wearing and of high quality. Business cards made of anodised aluminium offer a good contrast that is appealing. Aluminium is a very noble, resistant material and is long-lasting. During laser engraving of aluminium, the dye of the anodised layer is decoloured and the underlying light, white colour is […]

Of cold and warm materials

When we touch different materials, we can feel different temperatures, even if these materials have the same temperature on the surface. Wood or leather, for example, are “warm” materials and we feel a pleasant temperature when we touch them with our fingers or hands. This is not the case with stainless steel or aluminium, where […]

The information that must appear on a business card

Decide which data you want to display. The card must contain the correct and necessary data. Those that your customer or potential customer needs to know. Do not over- or undercharge. The basic data required are: the name (of the professional or company), the position or profession (what do you or your company do?) and […]

About a bank robbery using a business card only

In the afternoon of January 26, 1948, a man claiming to be a health official went to a branch of Teikoku Ginko (Imperial Bank) in the Tokyo district of Shiinamachi and told all 16 present that dysentery had broken out in the neighborhood. After handing the bankers a business card identifying him as an epidemiologist, […]

Business cards in a movie

The book “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Eillis was published in 1991 and was filmed in 2000 under the direction of Mary Harron. The leading role of Patrick Bateman was played by Christian Bale. Other actors were Willem Dafoe, Jared Leto and Reese Witherspoon. American Psycho is about an “American nightmare”, in which wealth and […]

Steel engraved business cards

Today, business cards are also produced with standard printers. Business cards for professional use are usually produced by printers using the offset printing process. The classic business card is printed on fine cardboard, e.g. diplomatic or ivory cardboard. At that time, however, in the 17th century, these were produced using steel engraving. Here the print […]

About the history of the business cards

There is a broad consensus that business cards originated in China in the 15th century. At that time it was customary to make small bamboo cards bearing a person’s name. These cards were then placed in a window or in front of a door as a kind of proof that one was there or as […]

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